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2 Systems for Success

I found out long ago that if you want someone to do something, make it easy for them.
By having a clearly defined scope or framework for them to be working from.
along with small steps, for the process anything can be done.
When we set ourselves goals we also need to create that framework and rules to support that framework.


So what is the frameworks that I use?

simply two things, and I don’t use either obsessively or religiously. Both are more like a loose framework that can be implemented when required like when of busy seasons, pending deadlines appear.Or perhaps just use them to overcome come procrastination and apathy.

First system I use are lists,

I use lists when there are multiple steps required, or multiple different things competing for my time.
The simple act of creating the list or brainstorming out the list will often help as you realize that there is not as much to get done as you think. Every time you remember something that needs to happen your brain will create more noise more stress around that thing. Just getting a list created can be helpful even if you don’t action everything on it.

There are hundreds different app’s to help create lists, even the simplest way pen and paper will work. The punch line is this, create and follow. I don’t worry about setting multiple levels of priority, or expected duration, the simpler the better like any system if it is simple you will be willing to do it.

When there are things that can be grouped like phone calls to make or emails to send, I will create a heading for those sort of things.

I will mark the most critical item that needs to be done with a star, but only if I have 5 or more things that can be come distractions. My lists, are a simple heading with sub points of what else goes there. Sometimes on my phone, sometimes on a scrap of paper, but the thing is I create them.

Time blocking, is my next system

I work from home so there’s always something that needs to be done around the house, washing, dishes etc.  that’s why my lists are not that detailed.  The best way for me to balance life and work in this environment and remain sane. Is to designate blocks of time when I do certain things. This is something that you can be super restricted with, or fast and loose. The idea is best used as a loose framework, remembering that life really happens in the margins, you can’t plan everything.

The idea of a time block is that I define what types of activity’s I can conduct during what Time, I’m a soon person and that will lead me to procrastination. Time blocking allows me to be accountable to be what I am supposed to doing rather than putting things off.

The blocks are the best thing to stop procrastination as you create a designated space to be doing that thing. The list items fit into the different blocks, after being created at breakfast when I get told what needs to be happen. If you don’t manage to get that list completed by the time the block is over, it’s not a massive issue, can that block slide a bit? Or do you carry the list to the next time that block is available the next day or whenever.

The blocks can be as granular as you want right down to micromanaging 5 minute windows if that is what  you need. The primary idea behind them is to limit or focus the activity’s that you are doing.

With lists, and time block as two extremely simple tools can allow you to create the space to succeed.

The trick is really to keep it simple, anything that is complicated you will not implement, if you complicate this it can become more work than it needs to be.


  • get into the habit of creating work flow lists
  • schedule blocks to perform activity's.

Scott Fleming

I am a Counselor, Coach, Business trainer, passionate about getting people to a new level of productivity.