Simplicity and Consistency, this is how you get ahead.

what if I told you that less is more, the real key to success and productivity is that when you made things simple you can get ahead easier, faster.


Consistency is hard to achieve with variety

Many years ago I was a manager at a pizza store.
The thing about pizza is that the best is simple and therefor a consistent experience for the customer. Often a bad pizza is just because there is too much going on.
When there is to much going on top and the product can’t get cooked properly. This leads to a poor customer experience and loss of return clients.

Our lives and businesses can become like that, when we have to much going on our productivity to any particular task will take a hit.
It becomes harder to get down to the base to do what needs to be done, the biggest secret to success is simplicity then we can focus on consistency.

Productivity can be defined as the rate of output or input. When there is to many options to filter across because you have to filter across them, it will slow productivity. This is one reason why corporate colors came about, not just for brand recognition but to slipstream the productivity, nowadays its called a style guide.

Style guides, recipes, templates, all work to increase productivity through consistency. 
simple, consistent, productivity.

Best example of simplicity to productivity

If you want a brilliant example of simplicity, take a look at how Apple have changed an entire industry. Simplicity this belief is at forefront with every product they deliver.

When the iPod first appeared with the streamlined controls it was an instant game changer to the industry, compare the iPod to what the other portable players of the time were doing. 

Again when Apple launched the iPhone, how did that compare to the rival products at time of launch? What did phone look like? 

In Counselling and business planning I see the same thing from people, they take on too many things and become unfocused on what should be the single major thing they do.
When anyone becomes unfocused they will also over tend to complicate issues.
This unnecessary complication then lead into more issues with a lack of consistency and not completing of tasks.

Consistency is one of the most underrated things around, when it comes to business the requirement of consistency is huge, your customers expect the same level of quality, service, products etc.
If your business is art, the consistency comes from the quality, not the repetition.
If your business is customer service the consistency comes from customer satisfaction.
If your business is a product - deliver a consistent product.

As individuals people take comfort from knowing what happens next, but we also need a bit of adventure thrown in. The knowing or what to expect is necessary to create comfort or security.
This security of knowing something is why many TV series work, because the characters, writers, actors, style etc is all known, and we can get to chilling out on it.


How can you get back to basics?
These are the important things to ask yourself when you look at your business or life;

  1. How have you complicated it?
  2. What can you lose and still have what is core?
  3. What is creating the inconsistency and impacting the results?
  4. What can you slim down to and shine with?

I’m not talking about losing all the trimmings and uniqueness that represents your individuality or that of your business, but when there are too many choices, customers can’t see the forest for the trees.

The military is all about consistency, and simplicity ever seen troops marching by? It doesn’t work if someone is out of step, yet they are simply walking in step.

Scott Fleming

I am a Counselor, Coach, Business trainer, passionate about getting people to a new level of productivity.