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Glass Half Full or Half empty? you missed the point

We all know the jokes about the glass being half full or half empty depending on who you ask;


  • The optimist will say that the glass is half-full.
  • The pessimist will say that the glass is half-empty.
  • The engineer will say that the glass is 2 times bigger than it needs to be.
  • The politician will say that the glass would be more empty if the opposition were in charge.
  • The branch manager will say that the glass would be full if the head office would listen to him.
  • The fanatic will say that the glass is full, even though it isn’t.

Or my personal favorite; 

  • The IT support person will say that you should try emptying the glass and then refilling it.

The point of the argument is, that you cant keep everyone happy. Everyone will have there own perspective on every situation that they experience, because intentionally or not we always run things through “filters” to help us make sense of what we are experiencing and already experienced.

So if you cant make everyone happy you should at least try and make yourself happy.
What is the recipe for that? In a word gratitude.
We all need to be focusing on what we have, the pivot point in the glass question is what are you placing value on?
we all see the water as having more value or being better than the air, but how long can you live without air?

When people focus on something they can be become so involved with it that all other options become closed, aka tunnel vision. Being grateful for what you have is an amazing way to counter the negativity that can surround problems that are appearing to be bigger that what they really are.
Depression comes from a mindset of lack, I know that is not the only factor, but it is the big one.

What are the steps for becoming more grateful and happier in life?

  1. Take time everyday to stop and control the self talk in your head, listen to what you are saying to yourself, if it’s not looking positively at what you have change it.
  2. Write down a list of things you are grateful for, it doesn't have to be 30 items or anything like that, if you can even find one and focus on that you can create a shift in your thinking, try to add to the list over the next few days.
  3.  Tell the people in you life that you are grateful for that you are grateful for them, say how they have impacted you and how you are better for it, even if it is the primary school teacher, or grand parent you cant contact, write the letter it will help.
  4.  Find someone who is grateful for you, listen and volunteer. Listen to those around you people will always talk of their problems in the hope that you can help solve them. so listen to what they are saying, and volunteer to help.

The fact is that the glass is both half empty and half full, with two different things, you choose what thing to focus on, what you prefer to magnify. As much as we want to believe that we can multitask we cant we only do one thing at a time, Chose what you are focusing on, or to put it another way which wolf to feed.


How can you get back to a positive bent in life?
ask yourself;

  1. What am I focusing on?
  2. Am I being grateful for what I have ?
  3. who can I talk to and tell them that I'm grateful for them? 

Scott Fleming

I am a Counselor, Coach, Business trainer, passionate about getting people to a new level of productivity.