Accountable role models

So it’s Wednesday morning and my news feed is still filling up with the “allegations” of bad behaviour from the local sports team. and I’m sick of it, but as a society what can we do?


Sadly this “role model” in the press is nothing new, while it may be his “first time” as a non-sports watcher, I don’t see that All I see is another role model behaving in a way that they think they are allowed to because their “famous”

It’s not just the sports stars, it’s the musicians, actors I think the whole “A-Listers” need to be above reproach. so what can we do about it?

The thing I think would help the most is a simple system, it could be implemented by the club, or studio easily or even have a new industry created to assist in the policing of it, give something else for retired stars to do.

It is this,

I believe that part of their salary, retainer, match fee, royalty’s, everything should get put into a short-term trust fund, kind of a superannuation or 401(K) account. After 5 years of good behaviour, the deposit from 5 years ago can be available, as a rolling release from what went it.

Why the 5-year delay? Because if they end up in the press for any allegation they lose everything in that account (shifted over to any charity that supports victims of there behaviour). Now the question becomes how much should be put away onto this delayed payment? account, I’m thinking 20% because at that rate that 5-year window becomes one year of pay.

Why we need it,

What I believe comes from the behaviour of our celebrity’s, is a lowering of the bar for everyone. While they may get prosecuted or lose the endorsements, a few match suspensions or whatever. The real damage is done to society as a whole. Whatever we tolerate, becomes the new lower standard.

By allowing things or giving things, everyone wants that for themselves. It isn’t fair if they can and I can’t. Becomes the cry of the masses and the standard drops to allow everyone that same grace. The standard for society is always changing but I don’t think there are enough checks and balances as to why we change things. What was unthinkable behaviour 30 years ago is now commonplace, and I don’t think video games or anything else is really to blame but what we are allowing to be tolerated.

My wife and I have experienced this first hand with our boy’s, we have three all 18 months apart and what the eldest wants and does, the younger believed he should also have and do. As a result, the lines blur quickly in regards to simple things like bedtime and then becomes impossible on things like video games and movies down the track.

The bottom line is we need some way of holding heroes and role models accountable for our children and all of society’s sake.


Scott Fleming

I am a Counselor, Coach, Business trainer, passionate about getting people to a new level of productivity.